i2b2 - Informatics for Integrating Biology and the Bedside

i2b2 is a NIH funded National Center for Biomedical Computing query tool that allows you to explore and query clinical data from the Health Sciences South Carolina (HSSC) Central Data Warehouse (CDW). To enable self-service, i2b2 data has been de-identified and aggregated. The purpose of i2b2 is to prepare investigators for research, whether that be writing a grant or submitting a data request, by providing an indication of sample size and study feasibility. 

For example, If you are planning a study and need to know how many patients are available with specific criteria, you input your desired demographics, exclusion and inclusion criteria, date ranges, and will receive a cohort count. You can then test the effects of adjusting those criteria and determine if you want to move forward with your project/grant.

In December 2017, the HSSC CDW housed the following counts:

Patients with Clinical Data


Total Encounters (Inpatient, Outpatient, ED)


Total Diagnoses (ICD-9, ICE-10)


Total Procedures (ICD-9m ICD-10, CPT) 


Total Inpatient Medication Orders


Total Laboratory Results


Total Vitals (Height, Weight, BMI, adult/pediatric)


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Access i2b2 Query Tool

You can access i2b2 with your institutional username and password. If you need assistance to log in or use the program, please see the i2b2 overview.